Julie Quinn is an artist based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Art has played a central role in her life since her childhood in Tachikawa, Japan. Julie's work portrays spiritual reflections through an artistic language that is uniquely hers.

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Broken Hallelujah II Broken Hallelujah I

"Julie’s abstract meditations are an invitation to the Story by way of her journey, and, like old friends, they simultaneously comfort and challenge, creating space for reflection. There are no easy answers here, only a deeply personal journey of faith."
~ Christopher R. Brewer, Founder and Director of Gospel through Shared Experience and editor of Art that Tells the Story

"...I've followed Julie's work for some time now. It is both artistically inspiring and spiritually uplifting at the same time... and I truly find modern art that can accomplish fully on both fields rare. I don't know if that speaks so much for lack of faith in something higher among our artists these days... or if we just choose to look no higher than our own creativity.

Personally, as an artist, I have never been that bold.
Julie somehow, is both bold and beautifully humble before her God, with paintbrush in hand, as she works through every single piece she paints.
It shows in such marvelous fashion.
In color.
In use of light and shadow.
In every possible nuance.

Her work has never... in all these years, failed to bring me to a higher plane in my faith... and even more amazing... a higher place to aspire in my own artwork.
That in itself... is a miracle indeed.

I highly recommend her skills as a teacher, speaker, and even her painting skill for illustrative purposes... if you can talk her into it, that is.

She would absolutely inspire one or one hundred artists sitting in for a class... There is no doubt in my mind."

Patricia Nichols
Novelist, Screenwriter, Experienced Fine Artist